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Thread: The Ron Swanson appreciation thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by kitt kat View Post
    "If anyone wants to talk to me about any of my other interests woodworking, novels about tall ships, meat..."

    Quite possibly the best Ron Swanson quote (or episode) in the history of Ron Swanson.

    My boyfriend doesn't like TV at all, but he LOVES Ron Swanson. If Ron Swanson worked with metal instead of wood, he and my boyfriend would be THE SAME PERSON. When Ron made Leslie's and Ben's rings for the wedding episode, and then went onto explain it in the closing teaser, boyfriend turned to me with the biggest, most goofy grin of glee because that's seriously him. I have definitely heard him say "People who buy things are suckers" more than once in our relationship.

    He now talks about how he wants to go apprentice at Nick Offerman's woodshop which, of course, I'd totally support because duh.

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    A couple weeks late, but still amazing.

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