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    Mysterious electronic boy/girl duo from France who are really creating some great music, music that deserves recognition. I stumbled across them on Tumblr, thought I'd try and spread the word.

    "Ex Guru is the project of a girl and a boy from France.
    They love the forest, the Knife, Radiohead, iamamiwhoami.
    They work half in their old appartment in the city, half in an old stone house in the countryside, creating a music which tries to express their true emotions, the atmosphere of the forest, their dislike of the masks.
    No Release is available yet, the first video is out."

    There's a couple more demo's on their souncloud ( and their Tumblr (, but here's the video for The Hunt, their first official song:
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    Jus discovered them with the Grimes cover they did, they're awesome.

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