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Thread: Why don't you guys delete old post

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    Default Why don't you guys delete old post

    There are some that are so old and pop up! Why don't you admins delete some of them like the really old ones?

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    Default Re: Why don't you guys delete old post

    Agism is wrong.

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    Default Re: Why don't you guys delete old post

    Quote Originally Posted by Bud Luster View Post
    Agism is wrong.
    This ain't no middle of the mall shit.

    Quote Originally Posted by theklein25 View Post
    For Linkin Park this is kind of embarrassing, but this song would be great live if you just wanna have fun and grind on a girl.
    Diarrhea Planet 2015

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    Default Re: Why don't you guys delete old post

    It's the only way we can tell when a Kenado is coming.How would we know when to take cover?
    The Tinychat password is coache11a

    Quote Originally Posted by Shiloka View Post
    Share the art bus to enhance the festival... can be used as stage for band ...
    I can also come early and help set up ...
    How can you say no to this offer, Goldenvoice?

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