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omg cuteness right back at ya.

If you spent any time at all on the rest of the internet outside this thread you would realize how easy it is to get bombarded with ridiculous schrillechs bullshit, and this thread is simply a way for folks to come amuse themselves. It's adorable that you picture a bunch of trolls searching for this stuff.

So what we're really talking about here is person taking the time to monitor this thread when he has no interest in the subject matter, simply to call those people "pathetic". The tone belies any sense of recognition of that irony. Keep it coming. (more smileys too!)

You're not "stating my opinion as many of you are". the "many" are the ones clowning a public figure for a variety of reasons, amongst the like minded. you are the only one attempting to sanctimoniously belittle others for because they can't stand bad music

and the implication that someone who hates schrillechs is necessarily bragging about their taste in music is probably the funniest thing you've ever said.

Please go on. You're clearly far from done with this thread.
O woe is you. Bombarded with Skrillexmania. How ever could you live day to day if you didn't find brothers and sisters who share your same struggle.

Nobody is monitoring this thread buddy. I have a total of 11 posts. 3 or 4 coming on this last page talking to you. 3 or 4 talking about how his performance wasn't good but wasn't horrible and not as repetitive as other dubstep. And the rests are me probably saying how pathetic you guys are. Out of 1000 post thread where you have 50 posts in I would say you're more so the monitor.

And no one is belittling you for liking "bad" music. I don't like The Rolling Stones. Oasis. Kings of Leon. Wale. That new girl who sings that Blue Jeans song. I'm more so belittling the fact that
1. this thread was made.
2. This thread reached such a level of intensity it took away from people actually admiring the bands they like
3. It still continues after the festival. The only threads bumped here are Odd Future, Lil B, and any other thread when a band has a local show (National,HEALTH, etc). No one is talking about his show tomorrow in San Diego so why bump this?

I just find it funny how I say my opinion and you bait me into a multi post argument and now I'm "monitoring" the thread. Not really seeing how that works buck-o. The funny part is I'm not even a fan You guys would hate me if I was cause I would sicken you just cause it amuses me. But don't worry your little head you can have your little fraternity back and I'll be back for my quarterly you guys are pathetic post around christmas. Hopefully he has some dubstep christmas tunes I can post