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Thread: OFWGKTA is going to Coachella

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    Quote Originally Posted by DANCE MAGIC View Post
    This thread is awesome. Could you do Hodgy Beats next?
    Hodgy Beats

    Hodgy is the rapping half of MellowHype and a very solid lyricist in his own right, even though he is often overshadowed by Earl and Tyler. I honestly don't know much about Hodgy because he doesn't really answer questions online as much as the other members. I believe he and Left Brain were both up in San Francisco attending college until a few months ago, when they dropped out and moved back to LA so they could to direct their full attention towards music. Tyler often says he is the hardest working member of Odd Future. He is very short in person and has a lot of tattoos.

    This BLACKENEDWHITE bonus track "Based", features one of his best verses (he comes in at 0:33)

    I think Hodgy may like the herb...

    Disclaimer: I'm sure some of the info about the personal lives of some members may not be 100% accurate, it's all been gathered from various interviews, articles and answers that I try to remember to the best of my knowledge.

    EDIT: just so it doesn't get lost on the last page...

    Quote Originally Posted by GolfWang View Post
    Upcoming Odd Future shows:

    Washington DC - U Street Music Hall - 2/14 (sold out)
    New York - Santo's - 2/15 (sold out)
    Philadelphia - The Barbary - 2/17 (sold out)
    San Francisco - Slim's - 2/22

    Also, this update on their site:

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    iLoveMakonnen - 9/27 - Catch One
    Massive Attack - 10/16 - Greek Theatre
    Afrika Bambaataa - 10/29 - Low End Theory
    Queens Of The Stone Age - 10/31 - The Forum
    OFWGKTA Carnival - 11/8
    Coachella '15 - 4/10-4/12

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