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    Honestly, the only equipment that will guarantee anyone the best night of sleep and the best experience in there camp area...
    1) A cot to sleep on @ Any camping location
    2) An EZ Up Canopy for shelter/shade @ Almost any major nationwide store
    3) UV/Heat reflecting netted-mesh (very breathable) zip-tied to EZ Up for shelter walls/shade/privacy @ The Home Depot
    4) Low center of gravity mesh-net folding chairs (the ones that sit very low to the ground and are a pain to get up from when you are drunk) - they keep you cooler when seated lower to the ground. Those big bulky pieces of shit folding chairs with cup holders create heat from the vinyl material and always rip where the legs brace towards the bottom. @ Almost any major nationwide store
    5) Hand mister pump - need I explain? @ The Home Depot.
    6) A bandanna - kicked up dry grass and dirt will fuck with your nose and allergies. Do yourself the favor and just buy one for the weekend.

    Tents, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, grill vs. fastfood, toiletries, medicines, alcohol, shoes vs. sandals, etc. etc. are personal preferences. The list above is guaranteed to give you the best camp experience.

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