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    This has probably already been said, but I am new to California and I've been waiting to see Jarvis Cocker and Pulp to reunite for years. They should be one of the main headliners. That is all.

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    This is America. Pulp is even less of a headliner than Arcade Fire.

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    I'd agree with that.

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    They'd probably get the Pavement treatment if they are on the bill this year.
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    I'm all for Pulp being there, but there is no way they are a headliner. Not that they are not that good, its just, as someone has said, they were never that big here. Looks like a good bet that they will be part of an excellent Coachella.

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    Definitely not a headliner.
    8/20 SISU and Tanlines @ Sayers Club, 8/21 The Zombies @ Santa Monica Pier, 8/23-24 FYF Fest, 9/10 Swans @ Roxy, 9/18 Neutral Milk Hotel & Daniel Johnston @ Hollywood Bowl, 9/19 Tokimonsta @ El Rey, 9/30 Cibo Matto @ the Roxy, 10/3-4 Desert Stars, 10/9 Zola Jesus @ El Rey, 10/16 Massive Attack @ Greek Theater, 10/22-25 CMJ, 10/26 Asobi Seksu & Slowdive @ Royale

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    Quote Originally Posted by microcuts View Post
    Pulp is even less of a headliner than Arcade Fire.
    HOLY SHIT! NO WAY?!?!!?!
    Quote Originally Posted by nathanfairchild View Post
    Has Pitchfork revealed it's top 200 covers by Arcade Fire yet?

    Woods - 8/20 - Holy Mountain
    Jamie xx - 8/27 - The Mohawk
    Little Dragon - 8/31 - Moody Theater
    Ty Segall - 9/5 - The Mohawk
    Seth Troxler - 9/5 - Vulcan Gas Company
    Black Lips/King Khan & BBQ Show - 9/12 - J. Lorraine Ghost Town
    DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist - 9/18 - Moody Theater

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