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Thread: TomAz's Official, Ugly, Totally Threatening Titus Andronicus Misery Slog

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    I love this band so much. Ridiculously excited for the new album, pre-ordered the VIP edition or whatever it was. Also ordered one of those hand drawings by Patrick, finally got it in a few months ago. Can post a picture of that if anyone is interested. Noticed I've barely posted here (granted I rarely post on these forums in general though) so suppose I'll relay my stories of seeing them.

    So The Monitor may be my personal favorite record of all-time. Mind you I love the other two albums too but The Monitor just hits me on multiple levels. Saw them twice in 2012, both at fest-type of events, one this free day fest thing around SXSW in Houston, they were alright there but not quite as tight as I wanted them to be, and also at Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012, they were AWESOME there, so on point and a great crowd. Welp, after waiting years for a full Houston show (they announced one for that week of the free show, but apparently the venue got pissy about them doing two shows at different places and cancelled it, i would have went to both), they finally announced one for May. I was stupid excited. Then they announced a show at the Record Store in Houston before that. Not many people showed up but that was great, they played 7 songs and had planned on playing 8 but their kick pedal for the drum broke near the end. This led to them playing a cool slowed down version of TA Vs Absurd Universe from Local Business. Also while trying to fix that Patrick walked around and interacted with the crowd, dude was hilarious. Had everyone laughing hard. It was great. They played mostly stuff from Local Business. Got to meet everyone after the show for a sec, though didn't talk to them too much. While I was inside, my friend was outside waiting around, and Patrick apparently came over and started talking to him, which was cool.
    Setlist for that-

    Then the main show was at a pretty small venue, held maybe 200 people. We got there early, then ended up talking to Patrick for quite a while. He was really cool. At the end of the conversation he asked if I had any requests for songs and I requested "Battle of Hampton Roads", because it's my favorite and I hadn't heard it live. Welp, the show was awesome, they were on point and they didn't repeat any of the songs they had played earlier (except for "The Dog", they replayed it to replay it "proper" they said since the kick pedal broke), so the set was a lot of older material since most Local Business stuff had already been covered. Then near the end (they started at midnight and at this point it was nearing 2 AM), Patrick says "So this next one was requested of us, it was kind of asking a lot because its 15 minutes long (at this point I realized maybe I was kind of a jerk for requesting that one specifically, but oh well) but we are going to play it. This one is dedicated to Travis". Travis being me. As in he dedicated the song to me. It literally made my life right then and there. And the song was fucking awesome. I was emotional the whole damn time because of what that song means to me as well as the dedication. After the part where it goes "I'm sorry dad, but no I'm not making this up" he said, in a somber tone, "Really dad, I need help" and jesus that just hit me like a ton of bricks. God, I can't think of any concert moment ever that just hit me like that did. They segued that song into "Titus Andronicus Forever", which was great. Then the very end, they played 3 songs with the So So Glos. Loved the way that worked out, had the emotional high point then ended on much more of a partying tone that left me leaving with a huge ass smile. Show ended up being about 2 hours long (and the record store show earlier that day was about 40 minutes long). As we were leaving I yelled "Thank you so much for playing that" to Patrick. We hung around for a bit then started to leave the venue. As I was leaving, Patrick was pulling the band's van around. He stopped and said "SEE YA LATER TRAVIS!" That made me super happy. This show is pretty much what solidified Titus Andronicus as my favorite band.

    Saw them again in October. Super last minute show, I think it was announced a week before it was happening. I bought tickets immediately (Houstons a 90 minute drive for me btw, but I didn't even think twice about missing them, I had even considered making the four hour trek to Austin before they announced the Houston show). Didn't get a chance to talk to Patrick at this one, though he walked by me at one point and I'm pretty sure he recognized me after a second. This one was a bit shorter, but they had a new member (replacing Liam) and I don't think he had learned everything yet. It was also a bit more impersonal, probably only my 3rd favorite show of theirs out of the 4 I've seen (not counting record store show as a full one), but it was still a good time. No Future Part Three continues to be one of my favorite live songs I've ever witnessed. Great stuff. Also they played three new songs, all of which were great. There was one called "He Said, She Said" thats like 10 minutes long and its fucking AWESOME, I feel like this will be a live staple in the future.

    So yeah, they are pretty much my favorite band, partially because of those shows back in May. Genuinely can't wait for the new album and until they come back around. Next time they tour I'd love to do both the Austin and Houston shows, hopefully the Austin show would end up on a Friday or Saturday so I can.

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    Default Re: TomAz's Official, Ugly, Totally Threatening Titus Andronicus Misery Slog

    TA at FFF 2012 was one of the greatest sets I have ever seen ever by anybody. To this day I still can't quite believe what I saw.

    You and I should talk sometime. I lived in Houston for a pretty good chunk of my life.
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    Anyone know who the guy in the Cardinals jersey is? I've seen him in pictures on the board and I thought I saw him this year.

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