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Thread: Woodystock 2010 (Inaugural, DIY)

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    Default Woodystock 2010 (Inaugural, DIY)

    Psychic Friend feel free to merge the original thread in the Music Lounge with this appropriately placed one.

    This is probably the craziest thing I've ever done. So Cal peeps, please consider coming to check this out and support a fellow board members' largely Coachella-inspired event.

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    Default Re: Woodystock 2010 (Inaugural, DIY)

    This Sunday. Come support.


    Canopy Stage
    Kevin Ayers 12:30-12:55
    DRAC ft. Steez 1:35-2:05
    (there, there...) 2:45-3:15
    Caffeine Rush 3:55-4:10
    Parker Macy 4:15-4:45
    Lauren Mulderrig & Aloha Radio 5:25-5:55

    Gazebo Stage
    Stupid Flanders 1-1:30
    Rising Water 2:10-2:40
    Moostache 3:20-3:50
    The Secret 6 4:50-5:20
    The So Alone Bands 6:00-7:00

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    Default Re: Woodystock 2010 (Inaugural, DIY)

    Haha "Stupid Flanders." Nice.
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    Has Pitchfork revealed it's top 200 covers by Arcade Fire yet?

    Screaming Females - 10/23 - Red 7
    Guy Gerber - 10/29 - Vulcan Gas Company
    Fun Fun Fun Fest -11/7 - 11/9 - Auditorium Shores
    Caribou & Jessy Lanza - 11/23 - The Mohawk

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    Default Re: Woodystock 2010 (Inaugural, DIY)

    "vampire weekend meets bob dylan"?
    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne Coyne
    People treat Arcade Fire like they're the greatest thing ever and they get away with it.

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    Default Re: Woodystock 2010 (Inaugural, DIY)

    10/16 Massive Attack @ Greek Theater (?), 10/18 Culture Collide, 10/26 Asobi Seksu & Slowdive @ Royale, 11/7 Warpaint @ Echoplex, 11/12 Blonde Redhead @ Fonda

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    Default Re: Woodystock 2010 (Inaugural, DIY)

    I made OC Weekly hahaha

    also if you've heard of Pirate Cat Radio (internet) tune in around 2:45 I'm calling in to do a plug.

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    Default Re: Woodystock 2010 (Inaugural, DIY)

    so how did it go?

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    Default Re: Woodystock 2010 (Inaugural, DIY)

    wtf, uclarocker? you spend months asking for input and hyping the event but fail to let everyone know how it went? come on...

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    Default Re: Woodystock 2010 (Inaugural, DIY)

    Must've sucked

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    Default Re: Woodystock 2010 (Inaugural, DIY)

    If I wasn't at Outside Lands I would have actually been there (friends with one of the bands) and they said it was just a w/e event. Thats about the response I got from everyone in the band.
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    Default Re: Woodystock 2010 (Inaugural, DIY)

    Planning to revive this this summer.

    Sorry I didn't get back to you guys about this!!! unit300021 ^ what band were you friends with? Just curious. That's fine they considered it a "whatever" main goal was to avoid disaster, and I feel that was largely accomplished. I was told by some local e-zine journalists that covered both this and the Giant Orange Festival (Lil Jon, English Beat) that mine was actually more fun. Who knows, but it was nice to hear.

    Anyone remember the fiasco that was the "Playground Festival" last year?? I think one of my taglines will be "better than that!" lol

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