To: All Office Workers
From: Fellow Office Workers
CC: All Coachella Message Board Members
Date: May 27, 2010
Re: Office Shenanigans

Effective immediately, all amusing, odd, alarming, strange and/or infuriating incidents occurring at your office should be described in this thread. Contributors should be Coachella Message Board members who are currently employed in an office environment.

To help reduce the number of unemployment benefit claims, please do not use actual names of companies, organizations or people. Please do not add identifiable photographs of your co-workers. Or, if you want to be a total retard, go ahead and do all those things.

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The VP of HR just walked by my cube and told me that we were bringing in a “wellness consultant” next week and he would like me to meet with this consultant on Wednesday. He provided no additional details. I asked him what exactly was the purpose of the meeting and he told me “Oh, you’ll find out.” Obama death panel???