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Thread: Crystal Fighers at the Troubadour

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    Default Crystal Fighers at the Troubadour

    Were amazing. Not sure if anyone else was there but one of the most fun shows I've been to in a while with probably the best crowd I've been a part of in Los Angeles. Everyone there was feeling it, unlike the typical LA show where two-thirds of the crowd just stands there and watches. You can probably thank the Troubadour's tiny capacity for that one. Seen Crystal Fighters twice now - they're just a great live show. Would love to see them playing the Gobi or Mojave next year. They would kill at a festival

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    I heard one of their songs at JCPenney.
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    Hey here's an idea. You know those people who are desperately poor, down on their luck, uneducated, abused, and generally ill-equipped for life? Let's make fun of them.

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