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Thread: Roger Waters playing the Wall for 2011

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    Default Roger Waters playing the Wall for 2011

    would be fucking insane

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    Default Re: Roger Waters playing the Wall for 2011

    Not only insane, but entirely plausible. Waters raps up the tour in CA at the end of 2010
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    Default Re: Roger Waters playing the Wall for 2011

    It isnt at all plausible to keep his entire staff in california for 4 months. Although i really hope it happens.
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    Default Re: Roger Waters playing the Wall for 2011

    I believe he will be elsewhere in the world next year touring 'The Wall'. Even so I don't think Roger Waters would do that, it would have to be an entirely new and unique experience to the arena shows.

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    Default Re: Roger Waters playing the Wall for 2011

    During March of 2011 he starts touring The Wall in Europe with him rumored to be in Holland during May... So yeah Coachella is pretty much impossible

    Not to mention the fact that he is only play arenas for this tour
    September 20: Fleetmac Wood @ Los Globos
    September 23: Interpol @ Fox Pomona
    September 27: Merchandise @ Echoplex
    October 17: Massive Attack / TV on the Radio @ SB Bowl
    October 21: Metronomy @ The Regent
    November 13: Run the Jewels @ The Echo
    November 18: Real Estate @ The Belasco

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