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    Get Nile Rodgers at Coachella!

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    Dare I say that I would freak out if this happened

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    ...and here we see the Daft Punk Effect in full force.

    December 31 - Matthew Dear/The Sword/Pallbearer
    January 30 - Behemoth
    February 3 - Zola Jesus
    February 10 - 1349
    February 28 - A Place To Bury Strangers
    April 6 - Swans
    April 10-12 - Coachella
    April 17 - Clark/Nosaj Thing
    May 8-10 - Austin Psych Fest
    May 15-17 - Psycho California
    June 24-28 - Glastonbury

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    As a huge daft fan and daft conspiracy theorist...... I would be too excited for this to even give a f*&^ about daft showing up or not!

    Come on Paul.... this is the year for CHIC!

    Quote Originally Posted by Blaker View Post will usually hear House music at a HOUSE (thus the name), Drum and Bass can be played anywhere and requires both a DRUM and a BASS in the song to be apart of the DnB genre, where EDM music stands for European Digital Music and really doesn't need an explanation because everyone knows what that sounds like.
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