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Thread: Jeff Buckley Greatist Hits Comp

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    Default Jeff Buckley Greatist Hits Comp

    Yeah I was scrounging around Pitchfork when I found this, amusing since I think Buckley only had maybe... 1 or 2 Top 4 Singles in his entire career. Nevertheless;

    "Though there's been no shortage of posthumously-released Jeff Buckley material in the decade since the swoon-inducing singer-songwriter's drowning in 1997, the ultimate earthly tribute-- a greatest hits compilation-- has eluded him until now.

    Columbia/Legacy will collect 14 Buckley tracks on So Real: Songs of Jeff Buckley, which will be released on May 22, a week before the 10th anniversary of his death.

    The collection features a handful of tracks from Buckley's back catalog, an acoustic rendering of its title track recorded in Japan, and a Smiths cover. Everything from the tracklist to the artwork of So Real came together under the watchful eye of Jeff's mom, with brand-new liner notes penned by veteran rock scribe David Fricke. (Hey, at least they're not giving him the Biggie/Puffy treatment and adding guest verses from Jack Johnson or something.)

    Not coincidentally, hitting stores the same day is Amazing Grace, an hourlong docu-DVD touching on the life and legacy of Mr. Buckley from first-time filmmakers Laurie Trombley and Myla Bialek Adams. Combining archival footage with new interviews with Buckley's friends and family, the film is sure to leave one wondering why this burgeoning talent had to leave us while John Mayer marches forward, unscathed.

    Oh, this tracklist is So Real:

    01 Last Goodbye [from Grace]
    02 Lover You Should Have Come Over [from Grace]
    03 Forget Her [from Grace Legacy Edition]
    04 Eternal Life (Road Version) [from Grace Legacy Edition]
    05 Dream Brother (Alternate Take) [from Grace Legacy Edition]
    06 The Sky Is A Landfill [from Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk]
    07 Everybody Here Wants You [from Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk]
    08 So Real (Acoustic in Japan) [previously available as a promotional single]
    09 Mojo Pin [from Live at Sin-e]
    10 Vancouver [from Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk]
    11 Je N'en Connais Pas La Fin [from Live at Sin-e]
    12 Grace [from Grace]
    13 Hallelujah [from Grace]
    14 I Know It's Over [Smiths cover, previously unreleased]"
    - Pitchfork

    Well I know I spent a few days trying to find Buckley's live cover of "The Boy With The Thorn In His Side", but honestly, nothing real special to speak of. However, I may make this my obligatory Christmas present for my musically uninformed friends rather than "Grace"... Thoughts?
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    Default Re: Jeff Buckley Greatist Hits Comp

    Just get em Grace. That's a ll you need.
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    Default Re: Jeff Buckley Greatist Hits Comp

    Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith, Nick Drake are all releasing albums this year. I'm seeing a trend here.

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    Default Re: Jeff Buckley Greatist Hits Comp

    Jeff Buckley was fucking raw.



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    Default Re: Jeff Buckley Greatist Hits Comp

    jeff buckley was no dragonforce...but he was good...
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    Default Re: Jeff Buckley Greatist Hits Comp

    Jeff Buckley was amazing. Grace is all you need, I agree. Last Goodbye is still my favorite. My band covers that one; I love singing that song. An incredible arrangement.

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    Default Re: Jeff Buckley Greatist Hits Comp

    Having a bit of an epiphany with this tonight. Damn, what a fucking gem.

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