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Matt and Kim on the main stage? Wat?
Boourns, I agree with you 2/3 the time but Matt and Kim definitely keep Main stage status. They are on Alt Nation what feels like every other hour. Their show merits it too, having seen them twice... it's a freaking blast.

Clumsy, I really dig your work on these lineups with the exception of some very easy switches. It's all sorts of good. Consider this:

I'd say switch good ol Thom with Gary Numan. It's just pretty damn imperative that this happen. Let 80's Gary lead into 90's Pavement. Plus you do this and then you really don't have too much conflict for the hour that Thom plays.

I'd also say do some maneuvering with the time slots of The big Pink. I feel that they are bigger than whatever band is after them (brain farting on the name...hypnotic...). Also, The big pink and the Soft Pack are kinda similar. You want to avoid the clumping of too similar genres.

And for the record, I wish Jonsi would play at 12am. Seriously, just save us the conflicts and let us finish up the night with some good ol sigur ros type action.