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  • echo park

    1 20.00%
  • los feliz

    1 20.00%
  • silverlake

    2 40.00%
  • franklin village

    0 0%
  • koreatown

    1 20.00%
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Thread: echo park vs los feliz vs silverlake vs franklin village

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    Default echo park vs los feliz vs silverlake vs franklin village

    where is the hippest and coolest place to live in LA?

    silverlake has the spaceland, expensive 1 bedroom apartments, coffee shops

    echo park has the echo/plex, chango, that one record store that has like 4 bins of vinyl and some condescending asshole shop keeper(i'd go in but i don't think i'd be welcomed)

    Los Feliz( pronounced los feh lees instead of los feh lease) has... well it's connected to silverlake which means you can go clubbing and to the spaceland and that dumb hipster aerobics class

    franklin village has that 200 ft strip of bookstores and cafes and the upright citizens birgade theatre

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    Default Re: echo park vs los feliz vs silverlake vs franklin village

    The pronunciation of Los Feliz always bothered me. The song doesn't go "fee-liz navidad", people. Yeah, you'd think LA wouldn't fail at Spanish.

    I lived in Echo Park for a couple months last year and I remember being at the top of steep hills and having to go the long way around when walking to town because a pack of cholos would stand at the corner every single day and not let muggles get onto Sunset, but the rent was pretty reasonable.
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    Default Re: echo park vs los feliz vs silverlake vs franklin village

    They're super nice in Origami. If that's the place you're talking about.
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    Default Re: echo park vs los feliz vs silverlake vs franklin village

    As someone who was born/grew up in Los Feliz for a while and still visits often, I just wanna say the place is a shithole. There's definitely much better places in LA, although I sense the original post in here is dripping with sarcasm lol

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