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Thread: Sled Island 2009

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    Default Sled Island 2009

    Wow! Is anybody else stoked about/aware of Sled Island?

    Biz Markie
    These Arms are Snakes
    Gift of Gab
    The Breeders
    Andrew WK
    Hot Little Rocket
    Holy Fuck
    The Bronx
    Final Fantasy

    And only 200+ more!
    Bicycle, you're keeping me sane.

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    Default Re: Sled Island 2009

    This guy at Sasquatch was telling me about this and how his band is playing. I wish I could go, it looks and sounds pretty awesome.

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    Default Re: Sled Island 2009

    Oh my god. This isn't fair. This line up is absolutely incredible. Only 99 bucks for a 4 day pass too. I think Andrew W.K. is actually performing with a full live band too. Arghhhh....

    EDIT: Monotonix are doing 3 shows in ONE DAY!!!!! Also, Holy Fuck are performing twice, as are Liars. Arrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
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    Default Re: Sled Island 2009

    Mazxy star was nice and dreamy robightm crowd wouldn't follow no photo request. First time in the green room. Mmm free beer and wine.glad I got to see them Cruz I missed Coachella 3012

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