Hmm, where to start. Came over from the UK especially

First and foremost the organizers moving the goal-posts.

1) Not being allowed to bring your own beer in - our friends was confiscated - lies

2) Not being allowed to bring your own water container in - they said so in the leaflets - again more lies

3) Not being allowed to come and go from the campsite - what the fuck is all this about? easily solved with a weekend or day wristband, I wasn't aware of this and missed Paul Mac due to being freezing cold and not allowed to go back and pick up my jumper. This was the stupidest rule, totally totally brainless.

4) Being Id'ed every 10 minutes - even though we had wristbands - incredibly annoying having to take my passport into the festival area every day

5) Lack of free water - this was bordering on a human rights disaster, charging 2 bucks for a small bottle of water and/or having to buy a 10 dollar coachella one, which you werent allowed to take into the beer garden in the campsite(???). Kids were fainting in the evening from dehydration. Why werent we allowed to bring in our own containers?

6) The Do-lab - that shite monstrosity who drowned out every quiet band on the 2nd stage and some of the tents. It should have been placed in a field on its own, maybe in place of the utterly useless Dome.

7) Clueless 'helpers' - Im sure this has been discussed on these boards. Very annoying.

8) Overpriced shit beer, I mean 7 bucks for a can of Heineken pish. No choice and way overpriced. Why was it so difficult to get a beer? Beer drinkers were treated like lepers, where pot smokers were everywhere, I even had the pleasure of witnessing a 16 year old honking on her crack pipe during the Cure.

Plusses - Music was amazing, BJM, MBV, Fleet Foxes, Jenny Lewis, Zane Lowe etc etc

People were genuinely friendly and I met some lovely lovely people.

The food was of excellent quality and by no means a rip off

Its just a shame that the festival organizers were totally shit, instead of being a 9-10/10 festival I feel that they dragged it down to a 6/10.