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    This chick from Idaho is my wife. She experiences bouts of intense anxiety and is extremely introverted. Coachella this last year was a profound experience for her, because she finally allowed herself to break out of her shell, dance like a fool, and really truly let herself go. While she is not a stranger to psychs, she was absolutely sober for all three days - didn't drink a drop of booze, take a hit, absolutely nothing.

    Sometimes, salvation comes in strange forms. Sometimes it's in the form of a pulsing beat, pretty lights, and finally allowing yourself to experience unfiltered joy. So it's not hilarious or sad, it was a really important moment for her, and something that has stuck with her and enriched her as a person. And it's not the kind of thing that needs to be approved by some low, pathetic internet troll.

    Very awesome. I got a lifetime of therapy in one weekend at Coachella '12. May your wife continue to heal.
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