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Have you ever been dosed? Story, please. I'm relatively young, when it comes to drugs... more or less. I've never been dosed with acid. I've smoked a bowl two or three times that took me somewhere I, as a "pot head," didn't want to be. Do I feel angry at the agent? No. I'm the fool. Curse your company, if you must, but don't forget that you chose them. You take your doses, and you find appreciation in them. There's someone out there who'd have paid dearly for your trip. Have a beautiful time (once you realize you're having a time lol).
Yeah, at a festival here in Maine some dude had a water gun and was shooting it at people all sneaky-like. He got me a little on the neck, and I knew what it had to be. An hour later i was feeling weird. It was a weak dose but i could def feel it. It's not a big deal for me, but what if you get someone who is there with their little kids, or who has never done it before and thinks they are going crazy? There are too many bad scenarios, and the chances of you ruining someone's night are high. The difference is when you smoked a bowl that was too much for you, it was your choice to smoke it. People running around dosing people think they're doing a public service but they could potentially be wreaking havoc. Especially at Coachella where there are so many inexperienced kids.