While waiting at the merch booth to get my Chemical Brothers shirt, I heard a couple 13-14 year old kids talking. One of them said "...And yeah, they're just the kind of band who NEVER plays in America, and then maybe every couple years they'll do one show here.. So I have to see them. That's why I saw Aphex Twin last year and he ended up killing it." He then proceeded to buy a TRV$-DJAM shirt. Fuck that.

Saw a couple people eat shit in those holes on the dirt path into Coachella that are pathetically covered by an orange cone. Sort of sucked for them, but still pretty funny at the same time.

Saw this guy and girl tripping BAWLZ towards the end of MSTRKRFT. They were just doing really weird dances and rubbing eachothers hair for so fucking long. The guy kept trying to swoop in and mac on the girl but she would turn away right before he kissed her. That probably happened 15 times in a row. Shut down every time.