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    Quote Originally Posted by marooko View Post
    i agree, fuck UFC. but dont deny that any ONE dimensional fighter stepping in to a ring/cage with an MMA fighter is getting chocked the fuck out. same as, the majority of MMA fighters stepping in to a ring to box, is gonna get knocked the fuck out. dont hate, sucka. boxing is great, its just one dimensional.
    Agreed, okay so I take back what I posted earlier "FUCK UFC" it's more like fuck the fans that act like they are the greatest combat sport in the world and are taking over all sports its those kind of fans that piss me off. Yes UFC is gaining popularity in the states at an alarmingly fast pace and boxing has fallen out of the mainstream public eye ever since the mid to late 90's when Mike Tyson was fading away from the sport. Boxing is still the worlds #1 combat sport second to none, look at it as soccer is to american football. Soccer worldwide popularity, Footbal america only (although it has fan base in other countries just not as big). So with that feel free to discuss all you want about all things boxing er mma. *light up a smoke

    For the record I do like MMA... but ... World Class Boxing> MMA every single time!!!!
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