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Thread: What blogs do you read?

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    Default What blogs do you read?

    I read streogum alot. I've been looking for some new blogs that offer actual content besides mp3s but its hard. Some of the other ones i read are pretty much amazing music slut, brooklyn vegan, and sometimes if i'm desperate i go to pitchfork.

    what about you guys?

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    Default Re: What blogs do you read?

    Hype Machine leads me to all the garbage I spin at parties. That is all.
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    Default Re: What blogs do you read?

    idolator, stereogum,
    Quote Originally Posted by thelastgreatman
    Lingo, shut the fuck up. You look like a goddamn cancer patient and your analogy is idiotic. Also, The Black Keys are unlistenable garbage, you unbelievable fucking dork.

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    Default Re: What blogs do you read? has a fine, discerning palate and provides a cracking mix of MP3's. Also, the dude himself is as sound as you'll find. Hooray for him. tells me what bands are playing in Dublin and which ones are shite. The dude himself has also opened for Man Man and Parenthetical Girls. He was very excellent on both occasions, and I owe him many pints.

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