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    No evidence to support this whatsoever...but how amazing would that be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisRav View Post
    No evidence to support this whatsoever...but how amazing would that be?
    The do-lab drowning out the sound, the 2,000 fans present in a 1/4th full tent or Fripp walking off stage within 10 minutes after he saw too many camera phones?

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    One of my very favorite bands from the long-ago time.

    Caught King Crimson in í71 at the Agora in Columbus, Ohio (on High Street by Ohio State). Epic concert, played stuff from their first 4 albums. First time Iíd heard songs from the sweet Islands, which is a sentimental favorite.

    Only other time Iíve caught them was in í95 in Phoenix. Not epic, but still interesting new (at the time) music. Different from their oldest ďprog-rockĒ stuff, but something like their mid-70s Larkís Tongue and Starless and Bible Black.

    Fripp is one of the very best guitarists Iíve ever seen (John McLaughlin is the best) but he has always seemed, what, mercurial I suppose is the word? Maybe camera phones would set him off, who knows.

    New location Do Labís not drowning out anyone anymore.

    Kinda, sorta similar group Godspeed You! Black Emperor played to a half empty (at least) Mohave late at night in í11, but that was wonderful, with the crowd totally into them.

    So sure, King Crimson at Coachella. Iím down for that, unlikely as it seems.

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    As long as they promise to only play songs written before 1975.

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    King Crimson at Coachella 2015 would be awesome, esp. now that they're touring with three drummers. Hey, DFHno.6 , I saw King Crimson at The Agora in Columbus, Ohio, too! Same show. Can't remember who opened. Was it The Godz ;<P ??? Rosie? Willie Phoenix? Can't remember.
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