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Thread: best game ever

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    Default best game ever

    play it.. make sure you have your sound on.!

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    Default Re: best game ever

    now im a hero
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    Default Re: best game ever

    any1 kno how2beat the 1st boss?

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    did you put in the cheat code? only way i was able to do it.

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    Default Re: best game ever

    You have to burn the rope!
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    Paul Tollett do something!
    Daddy P! Help

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    Default Re: best game ever

    i love the song. its pretty uplifting.
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    Why don't you show me a pic of what you look like and I'll send you a pick of myself. I'm 6'5 230....
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    Would you care to list the fixes I've proposed?
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    Thank god I did't suck that guy's dick.

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    the song makes me happy i played the game
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