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Did you get the toe-sucking background video for one of the songs?
here in salt lake city, we also got the foot-fetish lesbo scene during Strangelove. I was so relieved i didn't bring grandma with us..

Overall I would give DM a solid A-
Their 10 min. version of Enjoy the Silence was the highlight of my evening.. Martins guitar playing was fantastic and they turned it into an EDM lover's wet dream.. The band sounded tight also.. My other faves in no particular order 'Never Let Me Down Again' 'Question of Lust' 'Policy of Truth' 'It's No Good' and they ended with Dave and Martin solo on 'Waiting for the Night'
Only regret is not getting to hear 'Goodnight Lovers' or 'Blasphemous Rumors'.
Loved the opening song and the morphing lil kid and old man was brilliant..
One of the best shows I've seen this year.