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One thing I will say - as a true DM diehard:

I HATE the album art. I wasn't feeling the new logo when i first saw it at the press conference, but now that everything is in place on the album cover - I am severly disappointed. I find it very ugly and hamfisted in design, but maybe that's just me.

Give me album art of old - Masses, Violator...etc...
I hate it too. WTF is up with the colors? DM doesn't do color. Other than red.

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I posted this in the OTHER DM thread but it seems this is the official one now. I love that they're coming to my 'hood, but I HATE that it's the very last stop on a very long tour. I'm going to get a tired DM that just can't wait to get their asses home.

Then again if they DO play Lolla, all I hear about them and festivals is not exactly pretty stuff. I'M TORN!! (but totally leaning towards Lolla and probably my hometwon show too )

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Behind the Wheel, Halo, Suffer Well, Strangelove, Rush, World in My Eyes, Blasphemous Rumours, Lillian, Freelove, other non singles or not as popular singles.

Rush is one of my favs of all time. So is Halo.