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Thread: In Which Tomaz Apologizes to *cr

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    Default Re: In Which Tomaz Apologizes to *cr

    That was, coincidentally, before they let black women join the board.
    Quote Originally Posted by guedita View Post
    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to not give a fuck again.

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    Default Re: In Which Tomaz Apologizes to *cr

    Amy is the new Ken.
    The Tinychat password is coache11a

    Quote Originally Posted by Shiloka View Post
    Share the art bus to enhance the festival... can be used as stage for band ...
    I can also come early and help set up ...
    How can you say no to this offer, Goldenvoice?

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    Default Re: In Which Tomaz Apologizes to *cr

    Isn't his issue with women in general? You know, the whole "daddy issue" thing. That was a fun series of comments.

    Yo ZZZ'zzz, what's up?
    Originally Posted by Riggins33
    Why don't you show me a pic of what you look like and I'll send you a pick of myself. I'm 6'5 230....
    Quote Originally Posted by PotVsKtl View Post
    Would you care to list the fixes I've proposed?
    Quote Originally Posted by Dogvolta View Post
    Thank god I did't suck that guy's dick.

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    Default Re: In Which Tomaz Apologizes to *cr

    Quote Originally Posted by M Sparks View Post
    Amy is the new Ken.
    I prefer Zzzzzornados any day.
    Wow, 12 step meetings at Coachella, who knew? SOBERCHELLA.COM

    I'm a reasonable man, get off my case....

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