Tonight was Ghost and Mastodon

Ghost was fucking awesome as usual. I was surprised to see how many people were there for them, decked out in Ghost shirts and even one hooded cloak like the band wears. The demographic of a lot of the Ghost fans was seemingly broish which struck me as odd. After Ghost finished their great set (which unfortunately didn't feature their cover of "Here Comes The Sun") something odd started to happen. The crew started taking down Opeth's drum kit and setting up Mastodon's amps, initially all my friends and I were upset since the show was billed as Mastodon being the closer. We started joking about how they were likely in a hurry to get to the after show party (at my favorite bar which unfortunately I'm missing because of homework) when a tour manager came out to talk to the crowd. He informed us that Mikael (lead singer/guitarist of Opeth) had been in an accident and had to cancel tonight's performance, Brann from Mastodon would later say it was a head injury. This immediately shifted the mood of the room. Everyone was excited to see what Opeth had in store and at least hear some of Mikael's great jokes and stories, I watched a lot of people with ponytails leave. The environment had changed from a great party atmosphere with a crowd ready to go, to a somber one. Mastodon took the stage and kicked into Black Tongue which gave the crowd the boost they needed, and proceeded to continue energizing the crowd and giving it everything they possibly had until the end. I have seen this band half a dozen times and had never witnessed a performance like the one they gave tonight. In hindsight I can't believe they even played with their friend in the hospital, much less play longer and from what I have heard more passionately than the rest of the tour. By the time they had ended with "Creature Lives" an almost euphoric state had taken over the entire audience and band, Troy was in the crowd hugging people and for once I had seen the band take off the surly tuff southern boy shroud and seem genuinely grateful and compassionate. It is odd considering how silly of a song "Creature Lives" is, but whatever. All things aside tonight was fucking spectacular, and I hope Mikael is ok and makes a speedy recovery.