Hey all,

Got a little question for you.

I’ve been looking for more work because well, I’m finding it hard to live on what I get right now. I have rent, student loans to pay, living expenses plus I’d like to go out for dinner and a movie without worrying about over drafting. Anyway, I’ve been telling people here and there that I’m looking for more work on the side and I was asked if I was interested working for a writing service called Essay Shark ( here's an example of what they do http://essayshark.com/blog/essay-sam...aled-hosseini/ ). I had a look and figured I could do that without any real issues. I’ve done loads of writing in my previous jobs and I quite like it. But I wanted to see first if anyone out there has worked for something like this.

I could really use the extra money to help me out until I can advance with my current company or with another company.