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Thread: DIPLO@ Echo Tonight

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    Exclamation DIPLO@ Echo Tonight

    Midterms, elections, DIPLOS
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    Don't ever use Paul's name again in a posting. YOU GOT THAT YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKER? Paul was making his bones in the business back when you were just cum in your mother's ear.

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    I saw this tour last night, it fucking ruled

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    Default Re: DIPLO@ Echo Tonight

    Also Deadmau5 at Virgin Megastore. Why do I have class tonight?!
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    More laser beams is ALWAYS prefered to less laser beams. ALWAYS.

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    Yeah I thought about going ot Deadmau5, but Im blah right now.

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    Default Re: DIPLO@ Echo Tonight

    blah, blah

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    Tempting, but I'm recovering from moving-related injuries.
    9/10 Swans @ Roxy, 9/17 Karen O at Masonic Lodge, 9/19 Tokimonsta @ El Rey, 9/20 Chvrches @ Tower Theatre, 9/30 Cibo Matto @ the Roxy, 10/3-4 Desert Stars, 10/9 Zola Jesus @ El Rey, 10/16 Massive Attack @ Greek Theater, 10/22-25 CMJ, 10/26 Asobi Seksu & Slowdive @ Royale

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    How was Abe Vigoda?
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    Remember Hitler? I don't but here we are again .. cr****

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