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Loca, I thought you could only get unemployment if you get fired through no fault of your own?
That is what I meant by laid off that is the only way I would get unemployment, if they fired me though I would get a few months of severance so I could at least lay low for awhile. Just to take a break, I know that sounds stupid but I have worked since I was 16, the longest I have ever been off work is when I was 8 months pregnant with my kids and I went right back to work 6 wks after my daughter was born and started college full time 4 wks after my son was born. And that was 14 years ago.

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I'd bite your tongue young lady and be VERY happy you are employed. The plane has crashed into the mountain. We are going to see things get horrendous in the upcoming year or two, you should be counting your blessings...
Yeah I know. Luckily with my construction experience working in accounting and administration there will always be work for me somewhere. There will always be shit to build in the commercial industry. Right now even while the rest of the country is slowing down we are going strong, we just change what we build. When I first started here it was all retail, then office buildings a couple years after that, then 2 years ago we built condos, now in todays market it is hospitals, schools, retirement facilities and alot of stuff for the military.

The thought does sound nice though, but after a couple weeks I would be bored silly.