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Thread: EDC 2009 - 2 Days

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    I must've told myself a dozen times, "That's why it's not at UCLA or Stanford, good ol USC."

    God bless you, KK.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hannahrain View Post
    Will somebody trade their bow ticket for my stern ticket? I have this thing where I get seasick if I'm on the wrong side of the engine room, and it works better with my schedule to be on the front end of the changing time zone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boarderwoozel3 View Post
    Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh! That's the vibe I get! At this point you can rest assured you're going to have a ridiculous time at EDC almost regardless of who is playing.

    But being held in a Pac-10 foe's stadium is a bit unnerving. I'll have to pee in inappropriate places to make a point. Le lulz.
    After the first day you get used to it. The USC band is actually really fucking cool. On saturday I got a few of the perucussionists stoned while they were just hanging out after parading around the grounds.
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