The beginning discussion of a day where people from this board end up at Disneyland on the same day happened in a Tiki Room thread. A Sunday in October appears to be a winning choice, but it's not up to me. i guess it will be determined by when the most people can go. Of course on a day like this, the expectation to be joined at the hip throughout the day is ridiculous; but there should be a couple of meeting points at scheduled times in the day where meetings and picture taking can take place.

i am going to suggest October 5th. Why? It would cap off an insane week of Sigur Ros, My Bloody Valentine, and Detour. James is playing at the House of Blues Anaheim that night.

Disneyland hasn't posted their hours for October yet, but it more than likely will be a 9AM to 11PM thing.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Commitments?