I predict there will be hockey starting sometime in December. Why? Because I am a hopeless optimist. I guarantee both Bettman and Fehr know what it will take to resolve it. But massive egos will not allow either one to be the first to blink. So the fans are the ones who suffer along with the integrity of the sport. Assholes.

The league is gonna have a buncha outta shape guys when it finally does start up again. Guys like Penner already struggle with game preparedness. I mostly support the concept of the players who are staying in shape in the European leagues (Kopitar) and the AHL (Dwight King). But I'll be pissed if anyone gets injured doing it.

OTOH, for some players the lockout may be helping a bit. Keep in mind that Quick had surgery during the off season. So for players like him, this is a good chance to re-hab. In fact, here's some good news for ya, scenic