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the devils have 3 stanley cups. unless betteman wants his throat slit where he sleeps, they're not going anywhere outside of new jersey.

brad stuart is officially a san jose shark. if we can trim the fat and get some cap space or trade for parise or nash the rest of the NHL is fucked next season
I agree, there's no chance New Jersey moves unless this gets MUCH worse, but I don't think the NHL wants to own 2 teams and that could influence their decision with Phoenix and to a lesser degree, even New Jersey. I think one thing might be certain though, Parise isn't going to be a Devil next season. it's also looking like Whitney and Doan could leave Phoenix since they are likely going to be having issues until at least November (assuming they can gather the signatures fast enough).

Stuart had his best years with the Sharks so hopefully (for you, not so much for Kings fans) he can regain whatever he's been missing.

so, Lundqvist wins the Vezina, Malkin wins the Hart. I'm bummed that Quick didn't win, but I can't say I'm surprised. besides, I think the Conn Smyth and Stanley Cup will help him deal with it