Move over Rachael Ray! I've stepped up from talking about what I'm eating, to showing/demonstrating for you. It's like What Did I Eat 2.0! Many more to come....

Episode 1: Chicken Noodle Soup (added may 5, 2008)

(based on an old argument long ago about how many noodles were in a can)

Episode 2: Tuna Fish Sandwich (added may 5, 2008)

Episode 3: Frozen Pizza/Nachos (added may 6, 2008)

Episode 4: Chili Cheese Dogs (added may 8, 2008)

Episode 5: Peanut Butter/Banana/Chocolate Milkshake

Episode 6: Macaroni & Cheese (cut)

Episode 7: Egg Salad Sandwich

Episode 8: Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Episode 9: Baked Potato

Episode 10: Backyard Picnic

Episode 11: Leftover Fajitas