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    Coachella To Portland

    O Desert Lord Muse! Under the April Skies
    I felt you cry out “What’s My Name?!?” and
    danced your Jungle Love across a grassy oasis,
    I saw your chosen prophets in open shirts and
    preacher robes, floating pigs above the
    masses and dropping acid confetti from
    a silent circling plane above infernal explosions,
    I bathed in bass with your unwashed followers and
    became a young lamb in your flock,
    my rock and roll savior,
    guitar-faced screams melting me into the
    sands and the sunlight
    where I surf the straight ray beam of hope
    to the shooting star sky and shine
    that love back down, lightning flashes
    of hope, home in once-depressed
    Portland, ready to blaze a fiery trail
    into our bright future and
    The Next American Dream!
    In the desert my compatriots from
    all the world’s oases gathered together
    and cried out “Let’s rescue the
    American Dream!”, “Let’s renew
    The American Revolution!”
    O Desert Sun! Let the seeds of this
    New America scatter forth from the desert,
    blown fast by trade winds of liberty,
    spreading across this vast
    New America,
    watered with rock and roll, we will
    sprout into the fruiting trees
    of this, the next Greatest American
    and we will take back THE LOVE!
    we’ll WIN the war by REFUSING TO FIGHT!
    We’ll inherit the earth and you damn well
    better believe we’re gonna want it this time,
    this oasis of hope spreads with smiles
    shared on springtime streets back home
    and the smoldering sparks of Little Beirut
    will explode into infernos once again
    with my little kiss of the hot desert wind.

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    Default Re: A Coachella Poem

    I thought this was going to be super lame, but not bad man, not bad.

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    I passed the Sean Penn Acid Test with flying colors!

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    Nice. It really captured a mood that exists on the fields, although I can't say that Coachella wants me to go out and start a revolution. It makes me just want to be a better person. But, I guess that's all a part of changing the world one person at a time.

    When did you write it?

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    well said

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    Without having read more than a couple lines:

    Shut the fuck up.
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    I wanna hear some Randy poetry.
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