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Thread: Wednesday April 23rd: Orange County

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    Default Wednesday April 23rd: Orange County

    What is going on Wednesday night April 23rd in Orange County?

    My Coachella crew flies in from Chicago Wednesday and we stay in Orange County for the night. In the past we just had some beers down at the beach.

    Is there anything worth while checking out?

    Recommend any places to grab lunch Thursday before we head to camp site?

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    Default Re: Wednesday April 23rd: Orange County

    Where in Orange County are you staying?

    OUTKAST 2014
    it's finally happening

    Röyksopp, FC Kahuna, Télépopmusik, The Knife, RJD2, Futue Sound of London, The Avalanches, 808 State, Zero 7, Tycho, Mr. Scruff

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