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Thread: Not missed a day since 1999, The beginning!

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    Default Re: Not missed a day since 1999, The beginning!

    I try to go every year, too. My birthday's at the end of April, so I make it my present to myself. Didn't make it last year, tho, and am still unsure about this time

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    Default Re: Not missed a day since 1999, The beginning!

    I wish I had been coming since 99. I would have been in 8th grade. I've been making it since 2004.
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    I don't give a shit if the Killers are playing; I'll watch something else-even if it's watching the poor churro man get trampled by stoners.

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    Default Re: Not missed a day since 1999, The beginning!

    I take it as my Mother's Day weekend present (every year after the first year)-every kid that goes with can count it as a gift to me! I worry that some day they will all be too busy or grown up to go with me!

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    Default Re: Not missed a day since 1999, The beginning!

    Quote Originally Posted by reverb View Post
    i second the motion.

    for the l.a. marathon, they call them legacy runners...the folks who've completed every marathon since 1986....evidently they're down to a couple hundred.

    i wonder how many of us coachella 99'ers are left...
    Probably not as many as one would think.
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    Default Re: Not missed a day since 1999, The beginning!

    i've gone every year since '99 as well.

    although, for some years, i only went one day of the two because i just couldn't afford it. on the other hand, several times, before coachella was "cool," i scalped tickets in the parking lot. i once got in for $35! and two other times, i got in free!!!

    in 2001, a friend of mine and i spent six hours trying to sneak in. we heard some sets from the street. i was behind the main stage during weezer's set, so we rested from all the fence hoping and enjoyed it. then, two other people we met were trying to sneak in. we tried together, all four of us, to no avail. finally, around 7ish, their friend who was vending met them at the gate and loaned them his wristbands to go into the festival. we though we were assed out, but they took my friend and then me and finally the other guy waited outside. how fucken cool!

    the next year, in 2002, i faked an asthma attack and long story short, i ended up in an ambulance going to the e.r. i was faking it, but my wheezing was "too convincing." so there i was sitting in a gurney at the nearby hospital. i though, "damn it! the foo's must be on!" cut to a couple hours later, the nurses pitched in to get me a cab to the grounds back (i'm an extremely polite fellow and they felt sorry because i had no way of getting back and i made them all laugh. they all scolded me for partaking in cannabis and being so smart - whateve's. i was just so flattered and grateful they would get me a cab ride back to the grounds). i showed the person at the door my hospital wristband and the paper work. he came out of an rv and handed me a ticket for "having the best story of the night." i ran to the main stage as prodigy went on - phew! the hospital never found me out and i still owe them for the ambulance ride and the hospital stay (i gave a fake name - fuck giving them ~$7000!!!).

    since then, i at least buy one ticket for the weekend. and remember the presale for the 2007? i paid $223 for three days of unknown bands. when the lineup was announced later that week, i literally cried! björk, arcade fire, kings of leon, and a rage reunion!

    coachella id definitely the first event of the year I look forward to the most.
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    wishlist, still: wishlist, still: missy elliot●oingo boingo●talking heads●grace jones●george clinton●fiona apple
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    Default Re: Not missed a day since 1999, The beginning!

    Well it looks like I'm going to have to add a bit more of my Coachella memoirs to this post. 1st off- finally got to see Liverpool legends Echo & The Bunnymen visit The Polo Grounds to put on a great set in front of thousands. They even opened with "Do it clean" which I was pushing for online. Also on the same stage PIL put on a great performance that year. Again, feet and ears of fire, tons of beautiful indie girls wondering around, more wind and dust, drinking with my friends and digging every single moment! The next year was so excited to see Big Audio Dynamite..totally skipped the "yo yo" uh" uh" crap of K-West and enjoyed the better part of the fest including the return of The Chemical brothers on mushies and laughing our asses off in VIP as we accidently went up to the heads of Heineken to ask for some drink tickets with a cans of Budweiser in our hands. (not a smooth move). Woops! Still great time again, but bummed that Gary Numan got turned around by the Volcano ash over the Atlantic! Then- last year with the most hip-hop and top 40 line-up ever, I was losing faith in my annual tradition in the Desert. Incensed by rising prices, overcrowding, via younger more mainstream audiences drawn by this line-up, We still had such a great time, and I must say was moved to fighting back tears with a lump in my throat as Radiohead memorized 60,000 of us with the song "Weird Fishes". What a moment! I always thought they were a cool band, but was never a huge fan. Somehow this time they blew me away, and made what seemed to be the most unexciting and mainstream Coachella ever become very unique and memorable. Thankfully this year (2013) Goldenvoice has realized themselves that they were getting too far away from the music and vibe that has made it what it is today. They have returned to their roots. Reuniting the legendary Stone Roses who I have been wanting to see again since the "Second Coming" tour they did so long ago. And then backing the Brit power up by putting Blur back in the mix. Among many other great acts. I can't wait for yet another year at the best Festival in the World! See ya out there.. PK
    Quote Originally Posted by SPX_clothing View Post
    That's right. Not missing a day since the very beginning in 99' has seared and blur'd all the great memories into my soul. Here are some of the stand- outs'
    : Having Cameron Diaz come sit down next to me (within 5 feet) on the grass in VIP, as we locked eyes for a minute or two until Justin T. showed up looking out of place and bothered. Being blown away by Prodigy not once but twice. Present for for U-ziq from England front and center, and then meeting him backstage after his intense set. Brit popping' to The Charlatans UK, and Blur, dancing to every song with LCD soundsystem, Being in total aw seeing Siouxsie and the Banshees, Punking it up to Iggy & the Stooges.
    Poaching the bushes and fence though the lemon groves, Playing hacky sack for hours with dudes from Canada, hanging on in a windstorm while Primal Scream played, laughing and rocking to the Soundtrack of our lives in the blazing hot sun, having a somewhat hippie religious experience with the Polyphonic Spree, Trippin' on the huge plastic human ball rolling over the crowd with the Flaming lips; Drinking free Heineken's in VIP, Massive bass to the Chemical Brothers, Running into ex girlfriends, more wind and dust storms, beautiful people and mountain scapes, vivid sunsets, Rollin with it to OASIS, ya "Fooking" Oasis man!
    Spraining my ankle jumping over the fence from VIP to the regular beer garden (ya lame I know). Running into Cameron again along with Drew Barrymore backstage.
    More dust and traffic, scamming' and poaching yet again... ya you can figure it out... More amazing music with Radiohead, Ravonettes, Beta band, Watching the sun go down and the spotlights beam up into the evening sky, Spiritualized, the Jesus and Mary Chain, Massive Attack, Ladytron, Hearing the crowd roar as Kraftwerk's set began, waiting for Madonna as she was late but then digging her show, being a bit bored with Bjork, being super far away for White Stripes, Depeche, Beasties', and being amazed how long the Cure's set was, Fisherspooner, Johnny Marr, Interpol, Hives, Streets, BRMC, Rolling up in a carpet backstage in VIP to keep warm one night in a windstorm, and spending the night there, then waking up to sound check, Watching the stars with AIR, enjoying Stereolab, Rocking again to Sloan with all the Canadians, Pixies guitar amps sounding like Black Flag, hearing everyone sing along with Coldplay, Comin' down the Mountain with Janes Addiction, Scoffing at James Blunt, Skipping Rage and Keenan,(is that his name?) Gettin' baggy with the Happy Mondays....More dust and sunburns, savoring a cold beer, and some Chinese food from one of the vendors late, aching feet, windy nights, cute indie girls, ringing ears, and long walks back to the car, and then back up to do it all again the next day.
    Coachella is a happening I look forward to every year, a place to be overloaded with sound, light, and an international crowd coming to the Desert as one. Did I leave anything out? I am sure of it! And here I am this year anticipating all of it once again, especially The Verve, Love and Rockets, Fat boy slim, TurboNegro, Redd Kross, the list goes on and on.
    Before Coachella becomes just an amazing memory for all of us I would officially like to request these special reunions to play the Best music Fest in the World.
    Here they are:
    The Stone Roses, RIDE, Chapterhouse, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine. And even though Echo & the Bunnymen are still touring and making albums, I think they deserve to be invited into the line-up!
    Thanks to an old school punk rock promoter (Goldenvoice) for being a visionary for truly great music!
    Keep it going PT!

    Paul Koenigshofer
    Coachella 99' 01',02',03',04',05',06',07',08',09',10',11',12',13 ' and counting!!!

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    Default Re: Not missed a day since 1999, The beginning!

    Came out on a road trip from Austin in 1999.I have been lucky enough to make it out every year since.Got offered a production job with Goldenvoice last year and worked both weeks.Got to check out and enjoy the artist when my shifts were done,worked out great.Attending this year (not working) both weeks and celebrating 15 Coachella's with some old and new friends.
    Something about this Festival that makes it a very special place to be.Hope to see more Ol'School Coachellans out there. Safe travels all

    Coachella 99,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13
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    Default Re: Not missed a day since 1999, The beginning!

    So great seeing all the comments of people that love Coachella as much as I do.

    I've missed 3 days. The second day of 99, I had to travel back to Phoenix with my ride. Bummed I didn't stay and take a bus home.

    Missed 2004. I had tickets to Amsterdam thinking they would have it the same weekend (roughly) as the year before. The moved it back and I flew to Amsterdam on the same day my friends were enjoying Coachella's Saturday afternoon acts. I swore I'd never miss another day and haven't. I'll keep going till I need knee replacements and I'll schedule that a month after Coachella, so I'll be ready for the next year.
    99, 01, 02, 03, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11,12,13, 14
    Dancing In The Desert and Loving Every Minute of Coachella!

    Check out my Coachella pictures at under Other art work there also!
    There are 3 Coachella sets on Flickr.

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    Default Re: Not missed a day since 1999, The beginning!

    Have made it to all 15 Coachella's,hope to make at least 5 more. Thanks again #Goldenvoice and your awesome staff and crew for putting on this one very special Music Festival.

    Coachella 99,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13.14

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    Default Re: Not missed a day since 1999, The beginning!

    WOW. I love this thread.

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