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    Howww disappointing is the new death cab song, "I will possess your heart"? Jesus, a 4 1/2 minute build-up until Ben starts singing? Are you serious? It's the most repetitive death cab song I've ever heard, with that bass line that never stops or changes, and the pain-staking simplicity of that piano riff drifting on and off. And they've had some repetitive ones.. eesh. Is anyone else this disappointed? If this is the lead single for their new album, then they better release a shortened version of this song especially if they expect it to play on the radio. Hopefully the rest of the album isn't as disappointing as their new single is, thus making a bland performance at coachella, for me at least.

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    the builup is unneccesary, but the rest is quite catchy and good. and i aint no fan of death cab.
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    i dont think that at all but to each their own. ben gibberd is a fucking god when it comes to writing music..... there is already 2 threads about this song.....try the search button next time
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    i hate it. i've seen ben gibbard twice, once on his solo tour and another touring with DCFC and this just so falls short. it doesn't sound like death cab, which would be fine if it wasnt a down-grade.

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    the build up is the best part... the other thread is somewhere around here...

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    The song kicks ass. Seriously.
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    caca agua.

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    wonderful song! love it. love the build up. the lyrics. the soft rifting guitar. love it all! this song makes me want to check out their show. NO DOUBT!

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    I like it.
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    I think it could be cool live, but as recorded, I think it blows. I'm way disappointed.

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    the buildup is too long on the album version and the lyrics are catchy, I don't really like DCFC all that much but this single is pretty cool

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