Why do people hate Tiesto so much? I'm not really into trance myself but had a phenomenal experience with T. on the main stage last year. Anyone else? C'mon don't be shy, there were like 40,000 of us. Personally I'm into anything that moves me weather it's Tool, Radiohead, Boards of Canada, Mogwai, Ladytron, Muse, Aesop Rock, or the deepest, darkest house music you can come up with. There was a fantastic euphoric vibe at Tiesto that I experienced. My musical pallet is diverse, I assure you. I can't wait for Aphex. I'm stoked for Modeselektor. Digitaliism killed me. Rolled my balls of for Benny and most of Felix. I don't subscribe to any sort of trance following, but I just don't understand why there is so much annamocity for Tiesto. I have a close friend who is striving to succeed as a DJ playing minimal tech- house (in Scottsdale of all places) and even he has some love for Tiesto. It just seems like everyone is bashing Tiesto (the worlds largest ice cream truck) Anybody hate T. who used to like him? Maybe you just have to be really fucked up to enjoy trance. But even then would trance not serve that purpose? I'm willing to admit that I don't care for Trance in general but I'm talking about the party here. Furthermore I've only heard that Tiesto is a really nice guy in person.