OK, so obviously there are conflicts and there are logistical problems that make half of this a moot point, but for argument's sake, here's my tentative
schedule in dreamland. I have no clue if we'll be able to make it to any or all of these:
Bold means no fucking way I miss it

A Place to Bury Strangers 4
Akron/Family 4:30
Van Morrison 7
These New Puritans 9
Times New Viking 9:30
Lightspeed Champion 10
Okkervil & Roky Erickson 11
REM 12
Shearwater 1AM

Now, if Okkervil and Roky play until 2, then I'm missing REM and Shearwater. That said, Sheff should be around or Shearwater, so I'm counting on Okkervil and Shearwater. I'm fucking speechless about Roky playing with Okkervil.

Body of War 7
Spoon 8/Islands 8/Jens Lekman 8/Lil Cap N Travis 8
Yo La Tengo 9:30
Man Man 10
Jay Reatard 10:30
Bon Iver 11/My Morning Jacket 11
Islands 12/Jens Lekman 12
Old 97's 12:30/ The Raveonettes 12:30
Serj Tankian 12.45
Black Mountain 1
Times new Viking 1:20

OK, so there are obvious conflict problems on Thursday. For starters, Islands and Jens both play twice, I've seen MMJ and Spoon plenty of times, I used to absolutely love NOFX, Black Mountain is intriguing and Bon Iver, Jens and Black Mountain are all playing the same venue. BUT... I must see Jay Reatard and either Old 97's or the Raveonettes so looks like I'm missing the jagjaguar party. Damn.


The Lovely Sparrows 8/Billy Harvey 8
Crystal Castles 8:30
Santogold 9
X 10/ Grand Archives 10/Liam Finn 10/Rogue Wave 10/ The Submarines 10
Vampire Weekend 11/ Shout Out Louds 11
Helio Sequence 11:30
Headlights 12/ J Mascis 12/ A Place to Bury Strangers 12/ Man Man 12:10
Thurston Moore 12:45/ Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltzin 12:45
Constantines 1/ Blitzen Trapper 1/ Destroyer 1/ Atlas Sound 1

Wow! Friday is loaded. I'm torn between X and The Submarines at 10, leaning towards Shout Out Louds at 11 then bailing quickly to catch Helio Sequence (plus VW will be one of the hottest tickets in town and I like to avoid that whenever possible--like Louis XIV a few years back). Midnight is totally fucked. I could make a strong case for all 4, though if I see A Place to Bury strangers earlier, then they could be ruled out. SSLYBY will conflict with Destroyer, which sucks. then again, that 1AM slot is also loaded.

Talib Kweli 5:30
Ice Cube 8
David Bazan 9/ M Ward 9
Raveonettes 10/ Jim James 10/ Guy Forsyth 10
Neva Dinova 11/Jason Collett 11/ This Will Destroy You 11
Why? 12/ Los Campesinos! 12/ A Place to Bury strangers 12
X 12:30/ Film School 12:25
British Sea Power 1

Probably my most set day. I'll probably choose M Ward at 9, then Raveonettes at 10, then head to the Collett/ Los Campesinos! shows at the same venue. Sucks to miss This Will destroy You and Why? but oh well... Depending on whether or not I see X earlier (and depending on proximity) then I'd hit them up for a little bit, then closing out with British Sea Power (what a way to close out, by the way).