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Thread: The Dome this year? Any Ideas?

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    Default The Dome this year? Any Ideas?

    Last year, as me and my G/F were walking around we went into the dome close to the food court and we saw this Ramone look alike deejaying. I was like "who is this ramone poser wannabe?" only to realize that it was the real was Marky up, was Andy Rourke of The Smiths...followed by Lady Miss Kier of Deelite...all of which were not on the bill. Being a huge Smiths fan, this was for sure a big highlight for me....I even got to take pictures with Marky and Lady miss kier!!! any ideas who will be at that dome this year?? anyone?
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    Default Re: The Dome this year? Any Ideas?

    I dig your avatar.

    I think I'm actually going to spend more time in the Dome this year, kinda irritated that I missed out on two of my favorite bassists (Rourke, David J)...
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    Default Re: The Dome this year? Any Ideas?

    I'm curious about the dome too, they always have a few surprises in there.

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    Default Re: The Dome this year? Any Ideas?

    i,ll check the dome out too

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    Default Re: The Dome this year? Any Ideas?

    Last year was the biggest one...I wonder if it will be the same scale with all the color tiles or if they'll do something dif?

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    Default Re: The Dome this year? Any Ideas?

    Hope it is slightly different this year it did not have the same vibe it had in '06which was amazing.

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    Default Re: The Dome this year? Any Ideas?

    cut chemist destroyed my soul last year. was one of the highlights for me for sure just to watch his hands go go go.

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    Default Re: The Dome this year? Any Ideas?

    While everyone walked toward Madonna in 06 I walked in the opposite direction, noticing the oasis dome I thought to myself, "hey its my last night at coachella for a year and Ive been puting off the dome until now, Im going in!" At first I just stood by the entrance and moved a bit to the music, then I sat on the first level gogo box, then moved up and sat on the 2nd level box soon I was standing and dancing on the top box, aviators on led belt scrolling between really good looking women in bikini tops, ahhh. I had such a good time and ran into and person I recognized from the msg board on the myspace group. It was funny I kept signaling for him to come over but he was aprehensive until I told him we had talked before and told him who I was then he laughed. We talked for a bit it was cool to run into someone as happy to be at coachella as I was and still am. Yeah I really enjoyed that oasis dome.

    Last year was bigger and it looked cool but it was too open I think and I miss the dj set up between the two cool looking trees, it felt like a little jugle in there.
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