I'm home. I'm tired. I have to get up for work in 6 hours but such is life. Great weekend. The Lips were amazing, R.E.M. rocked and The Cure, were the Cure. The National got delayed at the border and weren't able to play the main stage but played the Yeti stage at Sunset and it was pretty fucking great. They played over and hour and got called back out for an encore. REM played about 2 hours, the Cure over 2 1/2 and the lips like 1 hour and40 mins? I loved the lips set, it was pretty amazing stuff with streamers, naked dancing chicks, Coyne coming out of the bubble atop the UFO and rolling into the crowd tons of telle tubbies and other crazy costumes on stage, lots of confetti. The led zeppelin cover was awesome.

I just wanted them to play longer. Kick ass weekend. Sunday's lineup seemed a bit light.

Rodrigo Y Gabrelle were fucking great too, lots of good stuff. I don't get Flight of the Conchords and it annoys me for some reason that they are so popular. That set was mindnumbing. I'm not sure how it went over but I saw some people laughing their asses off.

It was awesome running into fellow boardies.