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Thread: Movie Help!?

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    Default Movie Help!?

    There was this movie that I saw on Cinimax long ago... I remember bits & pieces but not the whole thing

    here goes

    A guy moves into a new home new community. He has this sex starved real estate lady who tries to seduce him. He notices that there is a homeless man that lives across the street. He watches the Homeless man eat a squirrel one day or a rat. The guy creeps him out beacuse he keeps staring at his home. Than one day the guy's realestate lady comes over and they drink and have wild sex in a blur... than the next day the guy wakes up and he finds his real estate lady's head in the fridge! I forget what happens next but the guy runs away and ends up living in a dirty moble home park in like New Mexico or Mexico! Anyway the guy dreams of the homeless man and the next morning the guy wakes up and there is a dog gutted and hanging from a clothesline.

    anyone know what this is?

    Or this one:

    Again I dont remember much about the movie...

    I think it stars Corey Haim or the kid from Sidekicks.... But there is a car chase on the free way, this kid (Corey ???) he jumps from one car onto the back of this truck that is carrying chain link fence. The truck bed opens and he is skidding down the freeway on chainlink fence!

    Any guesses?

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    Default Re: Movie Help!?

    American Psycho?
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    Default Re: Movie Help!?

    Quote Originally Posted by gaypalmsprings View Post
    American Psycho?
    Uh, no. Patrick Bateman lived in Manhattan.
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    now you guys are really pissing me off. especiall you walrus fucker

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    Default Re: Movie Help!?

    I'm drawing 2 blanks, but neither is American Psycho.
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    Default Re: Movie Help!?

    Maybe you should head over to Schoolio's Movie Corner. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Movie Help!?

    I have no clue.

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    Default Re: Movie Help!?

    no clue, but these discriptions make me wanna watch the movies.
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    Default Re: Movie Help!?

    I believe the second one might be Fast Getaway, but not sure. Did Corey bang a very young Heather Graham in it?
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    Default Re: Movie Help!?

    No clue on the first one, but RSW is correct on the second. I am ashamed to admit I've seen that one. Cynthia Rothrock rocks!

    Quote Originally Posted by RotationSlimWang View Post
    I believe the second one might be Fast Getaway, but not sure. Did Corey bang a very young Heather Graham in it?

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    It's called the Vagrant with Bill Paxton.

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