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    Default Re: THE GAMING HARDWARE THREAD: PS4 - WII U - XBone - PS3 - 360 - WII

    Sent you a message. Crazy people are actually buying those on eBay. The demo goes public next week...
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    Default Re: THE GAMING HARDWARE THREAD: PS4 - WII U - XBone - PS3 - 360 - WII

    Quote Originally Posted by spiggums View Post
    While there's apparently a PVP element to it... My understanding is that you have to unlock it and access it... After playing the beta, I found the Borderlands comparison to be pretty weak... (I get what they are trying to say with the comparison, but it oversells the loot mechanic in the game, imo)

    All in all, I was completely underwhelmed by the game... BUT... Games like Halo always bored me... With very few exceptions (Titanfall, Borderlands, Bioshock) the FPS genre has never really been my bag.
    I went ahead and got it. I love it so far. I think they built a really good world with a lot of potential but it feels like the story takes a backseat to everything. Kind of a shame. Gameplay is fantastic though. I love what they did with grenades and special powers needing to charge up before use so you're not constantly getting spammed by them.
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    Default Re: THE GAMING HARDWARE THREAD: PS4 - WII U - XBone - PS3 - 360 - WII

    Yes, Destiny looks great but at the moment i feel it getting highly repetitive.

    "go here, shoot the aliens, defend a point, shoot more aliens, do it again."

    Playing with friends is a good time, but idk how long it will hold my attention before i wind back up on BF4.

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