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Thread: New Mars Volta

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    Default Re: New Mars Volta

    This album is not out of left field in that it sucks

    I disagree that every album has gotten worse, the last one was better than this new one and Goliath, but that isn't really saying a whole lot.
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    Am I alone in really enjoying this album? I think "In Absentia" is one of the best Mars Volta songs I have ever heard and would def take this album over Octahedron and Bedlam.

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    I continue to go into every one of their albums open-minded, regardless of past disappointments. But I found the new one to be completely unlistenable.
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    Bassist Juan Alderete talking about Omar during the album recording.

    He wasnít happy about the album taking that long. He was just kind of burned out on it. Itís hard to work on something you created three years ago and then go back to it again. So he just wasnít in a good head space to do it. At one point I even asked him, ďCan you just leave me in the studio with the engineer and Iíll cut it all, then you just okay it? Because the energy is just so dark.

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