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Thread: Is this band any good?

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    Default Is this band any good?

    So this band Future Rock is some sort of Electronic/Rock/Fusion/Something band.

    Apparently they are going to be re creating "Daft Punk"'s live show at this concert put on by Disco Biscuits called Camp Bisco.

    Kinda nutty..

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    Default Re: Is this band any good?

    i heard they eat children. kinda like angelina, rosie, madonna,etc, etc, but literaly.
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    Default Re: Is this band any good?

    .................................................. ..............
    She added the phrase "meany head" to my profile.
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    Default Re: Is this band any good?

    Do they look like they have a gigantic neon pyramid of sheer majesty and wonder? I didn't think so.

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