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Thread: Slint Tonight At The Fonda

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    Default Re: Slint Tonight At The Fonda

    12/14 - Cat Stevens - Nokia
    12/30 - Together Pangea - Echo
    1/10 - Flesh Eaters - Echoplex (?)
    1/20 - Guster - HOB Anaheim (?)
    1/29 - Patti Smith - Ace (?)

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    I finally made it through a listen of Sun Kil Moon - Benji and had put it on maybe 4 times til I could finally feel mentally like, "just fuck it just let this guy blabber on" while I'm doing paperwork ., if you care

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    Default Re: Slint Tonight At The Fonda

    Well that seems to make recordings more likely. I don't see them having any need to issue remastered prints of the albums since they still sound immaculate.
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    Remember Hitler? I don't but here we are again .. cr****

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